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Julien A O'Meara
Elf on a Throne
Un-numbered prints available in two sizes, small and large; original not for sale. Contact the artist for more information.
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Elf on a Throne  
Date:   1989
Media:   Watercolor
Surface:   Cardstock
Original Size:   11 x 17 inches
Orientation:   Portrait

Detail:   View detail window [5 KB]

The reproductions of this piece are usually 11"x17". The original pencil I did was much smaller, on 8.5"x11" paper. I enlarged this in two-tone and then added some color with watercolors. Most things look better reduced, but this looks better bigger in my opinion. A few of the enlarged copies I did ended up getting painted. I have only two painted versions of this, and I only like the way this one came out.

A lot of people think this is a picture of Elric of Melnebone from the books by Michael Moorcock until I point out to them that the sword is not Stormbringer. It could be a picture of Elric. It looks a lot like Elric, but it wasn't who I was setting out to draw.

I never mind whenever there is something someone sees or gets out of a picture I have done that I didn't really set out to put into it. Art is very personal and each individual is going to perceive it in their own way. This is a good thing. It can be Elric for those people who want it to be Elric, but for me, this is an elf lord who is trapped in Faerie, unable to set foot in the mortal lands.

He has been using the window behind him and the mirror at his feet to scrye into the mortal's world and watch the woman he is in love with. She has been with a human man who is wooing her, and the lord is powerless to interfere. Frustrated beyond all reason, he has hacked at the edge of the dais of his throne.