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Julien A O'Meara
Eldar Warrior
Un-numbered prints available; original not for sale. Contact the artist for more information.
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Eldar Warrior  
Date:   1992
Media:   Watercolor
Surface:   Cardstock
Original Size:   17 x 11 inches
Orientation:   Landscape

Detail:   View detail window [10 KB]

I wanted to preserve the line drawing of the warrior in black and white, but I also wanted to do a color version of this. I had a photocopy done on heavy paper so that I could paint this with the colors appropriate to the Scorpion Exarch Warrior from the roleplaying game Warhammer 40K which is what this is a picture of. This is one of a group of fighting teams of the Eldar, a futuristic space-dwelling race of elves with a tragic history developed in this game. I did this piece to practice doing work that represented technological things when I realized that most of my work up to that time had been high fantasy oriented, with medieval worlds and not a lot of tools, guns, or high powered machinery.

What I discovered about it was pretty much what I suspected to be the case; drawings of technologically detailed things are pretty much like drawings of anything else. As long as you have all the information about what it is you want to represent, putting it on paper requires the same skills for technology as for fantasy.

For each, the only difference is the content of the information, and for armor that is designed for fighting in old-style worlds you need to know how it fits together and articulates around the body, what materials it is made of and how these react to light. It helps to know what details are appropriate to the type of armor such as shapes that are designed to deflect the blows of a sword or a lance, or maybe to pad for impact with more blunt weapons or for activities where joints, shins, or hands have to be protected. The information for a technological type of armor is about how to deflect and absorb damage from laser fire or heat as well as more physical battle, and that some suits are made with powered support systems such as hydraulics.

The Eldar armor for example is partly designed for support in a vacuum, and these have ventilation with bio supports, power ports etc. The Eldar were my favorite because they incorporated elements of both fantasy and technology; mingling organic forms with synthetic forms and their armor not only carried the technology for space-war, but some also carried runic protections for psionic battle and large gemstones as receptacles for their departed souls.