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Julien A O'Meara
Drow Caverns
Un-numbered prints available; original not for sale. Contact the artist for more information.
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Drow Caverns  
Date:   1991
Media:   Colored Pencil
Surface:   Black Pastel Paper
Original Size:   11 x 17 inches
Orientation:   Portrait

Detail:   View detail window [7 KB]

I drew this for a friend of mine who really liked the drow. We were into the idea of playing dark elves and had our own mythology about them before they became legal to play in the game or so popular in science fiction and Dungeons and Dragons, but I have done some work that was inspired by the mythology that most people attribute to them these days, with the spider queen and the underground dwellings.

The idea of the great weaver of fate and the magic based on this along with the use of toxins is something we took farther and in different directions than the official rule books for the games.

The drow of our world do not consider themselves evil or unholy any more than a light elf considers themselves to be that way, even if what they do goes against what most people understand to be good. In their own philosophy, their Dark Queen is sacred, and there are definite principles to be upheld in their day to day conduct and way of life.

This picture is more of a snapshot of a moment where this fellow is having some introspection. Dark elves do that. ;)