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Julien A O'Meara
Deep Conversation
Un-numbered prints available; original not for sale. Contact the artist for more information.
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Deep Conversation  
Date:   1994
Media:   Photo Manipulation
Surface:   20# Paper
Original Size:   8.5 x 11 inches
Orientation:   Portrait

Detail:   View detail window [6 KB]

I made this in pencil on white paper. It started out as just a sketch I was doing, I didn't really know how it was going to turn out. I wanted to show someone underwater, and play a little with the way hair behaves underwater. When I actually got into it though, I had this interaction going on between the girl and the little sea serpent, and it turned into something much more introspective. They were obviously having a conversation, and there, in the depths of some lake or ocean, it was very private and intimate.

When I went to take this for reproduction I asked if I would be able to change the colors even the color of the background, and the fellow at Kinko's was very helpful and he showed me tricks on how I could change the colors. One of the things he did reversed the color completely making it whitish lines over a black background. I loved the way this made the scene be as dark as I wanted it to be, but I wanted to make it a deep purple like color instead of black. This came out wonderfully, but we did size manipulations and lots of other color manipulations too, and one of them completely changed the whole feeling of the scene and made it more of a fiery depth than a watery one. This was done by leaving the background black, but changing the lines inside to a bright blood red.

I liked that so much I had them done in a larger size, some of them laminated. This image became fairly popular, especially in the red on black. There are only very few laminated prints, as I recall, only ten were done so I numbered them, and I have sold them all save one I wish to keep for myself, I still have some red on black copies for sale, but they are not laminated.