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Julien A O'Meara
Angel with Black Wings
Un-numbered prints available; original not for sale. Contact the artist for more information.
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Angel with Black Wings  
Date:   2002
Media:   Watercolor
Surface:   Smooth Bristol Board
Original Size:   11 x 14 inches
Orientation:   Portrait

Detail:   View detail window [67 KB]

This is a work I did as part of a group of paintings depicting the characters from the Vampire Chronicles. Anne Rice's vampire stories have been a great inspiration. I keep doing renditions of these characters, trying to capture their true faces. Of course Armand does not have wings, but when Armand was a young vampire and still living with Marius, Marius named him Amadeo and painted him with black wings. The addition of the black wings is very appropriate considering the troubled life of this dark but lovely figure. I decided to add these dark feathered wings into my portrait of him as well. I wanted his wing to seem like a dark cloud over him. The gift that gives him his power also keeps him in the shadows and darkens his world in the figurative sense. While a couple of actors have been cast as Armand and his essence has been portrayed well by Antonio Banderes, the image described in the books does not physically resemble that actor, or even the other actor who played him in Queen of the Damned, though I think they did try to come a bit closer with that one, I really feel that the casting fell short as far as his character was concerned. This image comes closer to what I imagine, but I want to keep working on finding his image and that of the other characters in her work. I enjoy drawing Armand probably more than I enjoy drawing any other vampire.